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Our Policy

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Together with Parents and Guardians

our mission is to provide loving care for each child in an environment that is safe, fun, and comfortable for the children.  We also foster the relationship with parents and guardians which allow us to have open and constructive discussion to help support children’s healthy growth.

Child Care in Japanese

We provide our childcare service in the Japanese language and cultural environment. We devise a environment and childcare contents by using Japanese in play. living and cerebrating the traditional Japanese cultural events.

Multiage classroom

Our childcare that features a low teacher to child ratio and a small group environment for the children.  The children can develop close friend ships amongst each other.  Playing or even fighting with friends is an important experience in early childhood. Children learn not through knowledge given from adults, but also through play. Children will learn to invent rules that works well with other children. This will foster great social skills, learn to cooperate and have a caring heart. 

Significance of Cognitive Development

Cognitive development plays an important role in children's development. Instead of pushing children to learn Japanese to read or write in early ages, we encourage children to learn from utilizing their 5 senses. Children learn and make connections to the world by looking, listening, touching and smelling.

Playing Matters

Children learn a great deal through playing. Children gain their creativity and physical skills from playing.

We value, take responsibility and cherish each child in our care.

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