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イースターパーティ🐰Easter Party




イースターバスケット作りから、イースター輪投げ、卵運びゲーム!スナックを挟んでお外でエッグハンティング+ウサギ探しをしてもらいました!🐰♪ 最後はみんなの頭の上で卵割り!😆🎉



Today was a first big event at Four Seasons Japanese Daycare! Easter Party!🐰❤️

Weather forecast was saying not good weather on this whole week but today was sunny!☀️yay

It was so great to have 17 children and total 29 people including parents and guardian!😆

First, we made easter basket for egg hunting! We play Quoits and Egg Carry Game! Had home made jello for snack and went out for main event! Egg Hunting and find Hiding Bunny Game!🐰 At the last, we did Crack Open a Egg on their head!😆🎉haha

Hope everybody enjoyed our easter party with Japanese speaking friends😄

We really appreciate all of your cooperation! That was our first event so we were tied up to do things at the party but it was successful without injuries! Thank you again!🙇✨

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